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Welcome to my Brand Yourself Profile. My name is Pears Africa, I am the owner of a South African expat shop called Saffa Trading. After my studies at the Cape Technicon in Cape Town South Africa I ended up travelling South Africa and Europe for 3 years. When I returned I opened Saffa Trading.We are a South African based company that provides Saffa Food to expats living abroad. We also help Saffas with anything they might need help with if they are not currently in South Africa. For instance if you need a specific food product that we don’t stock or you need a police clearance from the local police station, we can assist you. As an added bonus we also assist South African food companies with supplies, so we do wholesale and we are also a distributor. Saffa Trading offers our clients the biggest brands out there such as Cadbury, Bakers, Nestle, Bokomo, Ina Paarman, Kellogs, Safari, Wellington, Woolworths, Koo and more. As one of the top wholesalers of South African food products Saffa Trading has built up an impressive and strong relationship with various suppliers to bring you excellent pricing options. We have massive wide-spread database of expats living all over the world. At last count there is over 2 million South African living overseas in countries like the United States, the UK(England), Australia and New Zealand, so obviously there is a very large market of expats that wants what we provide.We stock over a thousand product on our easy to use website. We have scour the internet and have uploaded the top 1000 products every Saffa wants. This include the top hundred South African wines produced this year. We also stock the best biltong money can buy, including the incredible South African Pick and Pay biltong and PJ droewors. We also stock most of the traditional soda pop drinks available like Stoney, Appletizer, Spar Berry and Creme Soda. For those who enjoy true traditional Brandy, we also stock your favourite Saffa liquor including my personal favourite Amarula and Klipdrift.We also stock various pharma products including the crowd favourite - Adco-Dol and Grandpa Tablets. South African are well known among the international community to be resilient people, known as some of the hardest workers in the world and have an impressive reputation as a nation that gets the job done. Worldwide our skills are in demand and these days you are able to travel overseas work in a country and be home a mere 12 hours later. That said South African like their comforts and many men and women enjoy the taste of home. Saffa Traders offers all expats the opportunity to stock up on various South African groceries from their favourite SA stores. But don’t worry we stock it all and if we don’t just give us an email and we will find it for you in record time. Social Media Links PinterestDeliciousTwitterFacebookWordpress FoodLinkedinMediumAbout MeGoogle PlusBrandYourself Pears AfricaMyspace For Pears AfricaGoogle CommunityStumbleupon  

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